Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky

Zapotitland, 2022
HDV, colour, sound, 49’
Spanish, German, Japanese
Supported by La Fondation des Artistes, Cnap & Micro Climat Studio (FIDLab award)

As a continuation of their Conversation with a Cactus project (2017, Japan), Zapotitland mysteriously entangles various minor hi/stories of the Mexican Tehuacán-Cuicatlán valley that hosts the world's biggest cactus forest. This hostile, ‘thorny’, almost forbidden zone, reveals itself as a worldwide theatre for illegal plant trafficking as well as spiritual experiments. Between documentary and Western as fictional genre, and mostly shot during the night, the film unveils diverse anachronic figures and their ambivalent relation to this extraordinary yet secretive ‘vegetal Eldorado’. It is here where humans and nonhumans can cross paths beyond death, in a collective lament that turns the last sigh of an exorcising firework into a coyote’s howl, an engine’s screech or a goddess’ scream.