© Jorge das Neves

© Jorge das Neves

Gabriel Chaile

The folds of his flesh stick together, firmly cast on him and immovable. Job 41:23, 2020

Smoke comes out of his nose like a pot boiling on the fire. Job 41:20, 2020

Metal, clay, charcoal, brass and pigment
Courtesy of the artist

Gabriel Chaile’s works stand at a critical-poetic intersection between anthropology, the sacred and the everyday to invoke rituals and images linked to South America’s pre-Colombian indigenous communities (more specifically the Tucumã community). The two sculptures featured here inhale a yellow substance and are caught in a moment of transformation. In a profound state of psychotropic trance, they oscillate between the animal and the human, their mutating bodies evoking both history and daily objects. The idea of transformation is key to the artist’s work, who approaches it poetically and symbolically, but also humorously and politically.