Musa paradisiaca

Smoke hat, 2022
Stereo sound transferred to LP, 5’56’', turntable, speakers and stick rocket launched at the opening and closing of the biennial
Courtesy of the artists

This work will be activated hourly from 10:30 am onwards or upon request at reception

Cartola de Fumo is an original sound piece by Musa paradisiaca based on a series of individually recorded encounters with guests in the Coimbra region on the notions of appearance and disappearance. Together with
the curators, we selected a group that includes a magician, an archivist, a priest and a mathematician. Resorting to collage, overdubbing and filtering, the sound piece is presented as a LP record that plays intermittently on a chapel’s altar. This quasi-psychotic sound piece speaks of
an outer as well as of an inner landscape, and of the territory itself, to articulate the unexplainable ground between trick and miracle.

The artists would like to express their gratitude to all the individuals and institutions that made this work possible, especially to
Ana Margarida Silva, Carlos Antunes, Elfi Turpin, Filipa Oliveira, Helena Freitas, Jorge Vilas, José Miguel Pereira, José Miguel Urbano, Luís de Matos, Padre Nuno Santos, Nuno Grande, Estúdio 33, Associação de Moradores
da Relvinha.