Seni Awa Camara

Untitled, 2017
Collection Jesús Ahedo (Kalao Panafrican Creations)

The children of a pottery maker, it is said that Seni Awa Camara and her two twin brothers were sent to the forest for two weeks for an initiation ritual during which the spirits of the gods taught them how to work with clay. This initiation, this divine hand, may have changed the nature of the works produced by Seni henceforth. From early on, she lost interest in utilitarian pottery and began sculpting figures that are the repository of personal and cultural stories; fantastical beings that evoke a maternal, familiar and sexual dimension and whose forms are revealed to her in dreams by the spirits.
These sculptures also tell ancestral, human and animal myths and stories. In fact, they are places were the voices that have been (and continue to be) silenced can speak.