© Jorge das Neves

© Jorge das Neves

Yoan Sorin

Le Santa Maria, 2022

Metal structure, pigment and acrylic paint on ceramic jars, speakers, music, acrylic paint on wood, collection of objects from Manoela Graça Pavilla

Courtesy of the artist

Yoan Sorin practises equally performance as sculpture or painting, all of which beeing as much a part of a thought of the trace than a kind of Chaos Monde, to borrow some notions from Edouard Glissant. Indeed, “just as a logbook, Yoan Sorin’s practice is declined according to fragmented mythologies that the artist updates through drawings and installations, paintings and performances. As he exercises his caustic and sometimes acerbic eye, Yoan Sorin combines note-taking and objects creation that can be taken as rebuses, slogans, aphorisms, places of collusions of representations. Prolixand incisive, just like his numerous drawing books that he fills out on a regular basis, his production combines craft and low tech, bad spirit and sense of derision.” -- Frédéric Emprou and Marie-Laure Lapeyrere

Yoan lives and works in Marseille. He graduated at École supérieure des beaux-arts of Nantes Métropole and universities of Montreal and of Cuenca in Spain. His drawings, paintings, videos and performances blur the distinctions between popular culture and art. His works has been exhibited at Friche la Belle de Mai (Marseille, 2015), at Frac des Pays de la Loire (Nantes, 2016), at MNAC (Bucarest, 2016), at Nada lokal (Vienne, 2018), at Hunter East Harlem Gallery (New York, 2018) and at Embajada (Porto Rico, 2021). He has been collaborating with the 14n61w gallery in Fort de France (Martinique) since 2018.