© Jorge das Neves

© Jorge das Neves

Yoan Sorin

Le Santa Maria, 2022

Metal structure, pigment and acrylic paint on ceramic jars, speakers, music, acrylic paint on wood, collection of objects from Manoela Graça Pavilla

Courtesy of the artist

Yoan Sorin designed a sound system made of large clay jars traditionally used to preserve and transport liquids such as olive oil or wine. Painted and mounted on a metallic structure, these jars amplify the music composed, performed and recorded by Yoan Sorin—a sort of ‘kitchen sound’ where the pots function as percussion instruments. This piece is part of a family genealogy; it references the story of his grandmother, Manoela Graça Pavilla, who left Portugal to marry his grandfather, a famous West Indian boxer. After her husband’s death, she moved to Guadeloupe to open the Santa Maria, a restaurant where diners were treated to Creole music.