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Oral stories around the bonfire of São João

Traditional narratives told by Maria da Conceição Espadinha Ruivo in response to the installation «Onirocritica #4 – Seeing in the Dark», by Meris Angioletti at CAPC Sede. Invited to appropriate this historic space, Meris Angioletti transformed it into a ‘House of Dreams’ for which she proposes a collective dream where the idea of dream telepathy and the possibility of developing a night vision is shared with several guests, incarnate or disembodied, such as Aurelia de Souza, Mary Beth Edelson, and Lastenia Canayo (also known as Pecon Quena).

Estimated duration: 45'–60'
Spaces limited to space capacity.

24.06.22, 19:00–20:00

Maria da Conceição Espadinha Ruivo