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O Paginário de As Mil e Duas Noites

“On the thousand-second night, Scheherazade beheaded the sultan”, is the verse by Antônio Carlos Secchin that inspires the title of this project. After extensive research on the representation and evocation of the night as a theme, time, place, image or allegory in novels, short stories, poems and essays, mostly by authors from non-hegemonic countries, a mural will be built in the colours of the blue hour. This mural will have 254 pages, adding one to the original number of stories in the classic One Thousand and One Nights. The public will be invited to interact with this mural and to illuminate their favourite passages, adding to the work the visual trace of an active and collective reading. One Thousand and Two Nights is a dialogue between the literary, aesthetic and social research of Paginário (a series by Leonardo Villa-Forte with more than 70 productions in Brazil, Portugal and Spain) and the Doctoral Program Materialidades da Literatura from the Universidade de Coimbra (based the researches by Elena Soressi, Elizama Almeida and Mafalda Lalanda).

30.04.22, 13:00–13:00

Elena Soressi, Elizama Almeida, Leonardo Villa-Forte e Mafalda Lalanda